The lazy-girl bedtime routine checklist

A bedtime routine should be easy.

Reality: you come home from a really, long mega slow day at the boring office, and all you’re thinking about is a hot shower, pasta and going to sleep. You make your piping-hot bowl of pasta and with a full belly, you’re now ready to sleep. A huge part of you wants to just flop over on the couch right there and go to sleep. Sometimes, you end up doing just that. But there’s one thing looming over your head, the beauty routine you undertake before bedtime. UGH. 

No one wants a lengthy, time-consuming routine that stops you from jumping into bed ASAP. And a beauty routine is something we all have in some shape or form (or should have.)

So how do you find your go-to bedtime beauty routine that’ll be quick and will be good for your skin in the long run?

A bedtime beauty routine is ideal for a productive beauty sleep.

Productive, as in taking care of your skin and body while you sleep, so you don’t have to worry about it so much during your waking hours. 

While you sleep, your skin cells are regenerating and repairing. And it’s the best time to take care of the areas that need it the most, as you’re not outside in the elements or doing anything that will, ultimately, damage or hurt your skin. Your beauty routine will take care of your skin when you’re not even conscious. It’s the best time to do it!

It starts with your face.

 Focus on the most important aspects of your body or the areas that need the most TLC.

Before you head to bed, it’s important to wash the day away first.

Remove your makeup with Garnier’s 2in1 Eye Makeup Remover to take everything off in just one go. Finish with a swipe of Witch Hazel to tone and further clean remaining dirt. Prepping the skin for a bit of Nip + Fab Kale Fix moisturiser that will sink into your skin while you sleep, and keep your skin soft and healthy.

And not forgetting the most delicate skin areas.

If you’re like me, your hands and lips are dry and cracking during winter and in real need of some moisture. Bedtime is the perfect time to take care of them, as you won’t be eating or washing your hands, or doing anything that will damage the delicate skin on these areas. 

Always keep a holy grail moisturiser and balm on your bedside table, so they’re easy to reach as you climb under the covers. It will also ensure you don’t forget this step.

Rub some of Sugarbaby’s Wonderbalm, or some L’Occitane Hand Cream into your hands generously, so you can wake up with stronger, softer skin.

Pick a nourishing lip balm like Burts Bees, and smear a generous amount on your lips before tucking into the sheets.

If you have any other problem areas before bed is the perfect time to smother oil, creams and masks so your skin can repair and recover while you sleep.


With a simple routine that takes care of all the necessary areas and allows your skin to be pampered while you sleep, suddenly a bit of that dread you feel when you just want to get into bed already, fades.
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  1. July 8, 2018 / 8:05 pm

    Great post Sheree! It was very helpful for someone who is a layman at these things. As a side note, I love the look of your blog and your photography is amazing! What camera do you use?

    Arshi |

    • Sheree
      July 22, 2018 / 1:32 pm

      Thanks girl! I just use an Olympus OM-D for blog photos 🙂

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